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"We have used MARS for over 15 years as our exclusive DC destination management operator. Their personal service, attention to detail, and planning is the best in the business. Our tours depend on quality service from all of our suppliers, and MARS hs always exceeded the expectations of our clients. If you are a student group, tour operator, group organizer, or any other club or organization looking to go to DC, I highly recommend MARS as your DC group planner."

Joey Spellerberg

Moostash Joe Tours

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Kate Scopetti
540-869-1864 x 116
Vice President - MARS
Mark Franchi
540-869-1864 x 119

CEO in charge of
Office Entertainment
and Smiles

Senior Sales & Tour Planner

Charlotte Krohn

540-869-1864 x120

Sales & Tour Planning

Melinda Elborn

540-869-1864 x114

Marketing Manager

& IT/Systems Administrator

Kristen DeSimone

540-869-1864 x117

Director of Marketing

John Phillips

540-869-1864 x 118

Accounting Manager

Liz Rhodes

540-869-1864 x 122

Accounting Associate

Tammy Chernoff

540-869-1864 x 121

Tour Operations Associate

Jay Sheridan

540-869-1864 x110

Tour Operations Associate

Sydney Beers

540-869-1864 x 115

Tour Planning/Sales Associate

Patricia Wilfong

540-869-1864 x 127

Reservations Associate

Sharon Hedge

540-869-1864 x 111

Reservations Associate

Rebecca Sharp

540-869-1864 x 113

In Loving Memory of
our Office Friends
Marty & Gino